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Nick and Vanessa Are The Perfect Love Is Blind Story So Far

nick and vannessa

About Love Is Blind, Netflix’s latest unscripted show, folks find amour at the most unusual of circumstances. From the series, hopeful singles move on a string of first dates in”pods,” two chambers separated from one another with a black drape. Within 10 days, matches become participated –without even having ever noticed each other.

The 30 participants by means of this love experimentation are Nick and Vanessa Lachey, who’ve been married since 2011.

It is like the Lacheys’ entire lives have been leading toward co-hosting Love Is Blind, a job that perfectly melds their professional careers and their off-screen personas.

But the casting is perfect for more reasons than professional qualifications. Being”in love” is a fundamental part of the Lacheys’ brand–and that’s what makes this a smart casting choice.

Though the Lacheys certainly did not match at a pod, they, also, have an unconventional source story. If anything, their connection was formed beneath the contrary conditions of Love Is Blind. Instead of meeting in isolation, the actors’ relationship was headline fodder from the start.

When they first met, Nick was in a hyper-public relationship with singer Jessica Simpson. Nick and Simpson often went on TRL, which Vanessa hosted,to discuss Newlyweds, the MTV reality TV show in their union. After Nick and Simpson’s connection began to crack in 2005, Vanessa coated the information on TRL. When Vanessa started dating Nick at 2006, she confronted scrutiny as the following chapter in Nick and Simpson’sstory.

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